Free Coffee Mug



Get a Free Coffee Maker

We show you the secret.


We're here to show you how to get a free 12-cup coffee maker  -- for signing up on a fully cancelable monthly coffee delivery subscription.  We ordered the subscription ourselves - and you can see the photographs of our free coffee maker.

Like any subscription - you can cancel anytime and you get to keep your free coffee maker.    Your only cost is paying for just one (two pound) order of coffee for around $29 (ie the order that comes with the free coffee maker) -- then feel free to cancel the subscription and owe nothing more. 

The $29 total cost includes:  shipping and handling; the free coffee maker; a stainless steel style serving pitcher, and a stylish coffee travel cup to measure coffee.

How to get a free coffee maker...

Similar coffee maker, coffee, travel mug, and pitcher received from Gevalia.

To confirm the free coffee maker offer first-hand -- we ordered the subscription ourselves.  Everything was delivered, professionally and promptly for a total credit card charge of only $29.  And the coffee was delicious too.   Click here to get all the details first-hand. 

Buy two pounds of coffee for $29 (isn't that what it costs anyways?) and the 12 Cup Brewer, a stainless steel style serving pitcher, and a stylish themal coffee travel cup. There is no obligation to maintain the coffee deliveries  - and you keep the coffee maker and accessories.